What Do Women Really Want?

Now both men and women can expect to live at least another 20 years once the children have departed, and more and more women are deciding to leave the relationship and try to get their legitimate needs met elsewhere.



If you are a female, please try not to get too irritated by the seemingly arrogant presumptions of a male writer. Of course, I don’t really know what women want. However, in my professional practice as a therapist I have worked with lots of couples over the years, and as I wind down for the summer and sup my iced lattes, I have been reflecting on patterns. (I am obviously aware that not all couples are heterosexual, but my observations here relate only to them.) Some men, take note. The things listed below are really important. Even as you sit reading this, device in one hand and beer in the other, their presence or absence is strengthening or corroding your relationship.  Continue reading “What Do Women Really Want?”