Triple Abuse in Education

Schools where there is a variety of religious views (including those with none) provide the means where children can come in contact with differences on a regular basis and learn that there is more to human beings than the presence or absence of a religious creed.


510750075_eeee488cd6_zThe British Government’s recent decision to allow full religious discrimination in school admissions, and the view of the Scottish Government that sixth formers are not allowed to withdraw themselves from religious observances in schools, are abusive and dangerous in at least three ways.

Abusive to Society

One of the ways in which human beings learn to change their views is not particularly through rational argument (though that sometimes can happen), but through prolonged exposure to, and contact with difference.  Many of us can testify how having to work for a long period with someone different (for example, from a different race, a different culture, or a different sexuality) has helped us identify our previously unacknowledged prejudice, and helped us modify our opinions.   Continue reading “Triple Abuse in Education”

Keeping It In Saferoom

Whatever you might want to use Evernote for, Saferoom now enables you to do that with even more confidence than before.

426799067_55027d4244_zI find it so satisfying when someone develops a piece of software that meets a real need and makes my life a lot simpler.  I was really pleased to discover the Saferoom app (and the desktop versions for Mac and Windows) this week.  It has solved a professional problem that I have had for some time.

I work as a counsellor/psychotherapist in Private Practice, and since 2009 I have been using Evernote to help me run my business.  Evernote is basically an electronic filing cabinet that lets you store notes, documents of all kinds, photographs, web pages, audio and video recordings, and hand written scribbles.  However, despite its usefulness and amazing flexibility, Evernote has always had a minor problem that Saferoom has now solved.   Continue reading “Keeping It In Saferoom”

Mother Teresa and the Cat

The NHS could do with a few miracles at the moment to help relieve the pressure from using science, but strangely the miracle workers never seem to be able to convincingly help out in sufficient numbers.

510750075_eeee488cd6_zI have a strange relationship with my neighbour’s cat.  At best we can be said to tolerate each other.  We view each other suspiciously and then I glare, hoping he will go away.  He sees my garden as his personal fiefdom.  I frequently challenge that perception and sometimes secretly wonder what life will be like once he has “passed on”.

But, bear with me … just suppose that he did “pass on”.   And just imagine that I had this strange conversation with my neighbour afterwards.  She tells me: “Tiddles was a perfect cat.  He got rid of the mice and occasionally bought me dead birds as a present.  I accidentally walked over the spot at the bottom of my garden where he was buried yesterday and I felt a strange sensation in my foot.  When I got to bed I noticed that my bunion was healed.  It was a miracle.  I know for certain that he has immediately gone to be with my invisible friend in the sky, and I know that when I want my other bunion healed, I can either walk on his grave again or I can talk to Tiddles who, I know for certain, will talk to my invisible friend for me and get it fixed.”

I go inside, put the kettle on, and make a mental note to self to avoid future neighbourly chats at the garden fence as much as possible.  What she said to me is wrong, on so many levels!  
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